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Hi Everyone,
Finally, says you - here they are. Well yes, we got our flight out on Friday am from Dublin to the wonderful Chicagee city, and due to the 40 mins delay in Dublin before take-off, we missed our connecting flight to LA, but "Bob" a Bill Cosby stand-up funny guy and 'Davey" the fragrant helper, got us checked in to the next flight which was only one hour away, but as we had been standing waffling to them for half an hour, we had to LITERALLY run like mad people (which was easy for us cos the temp was up in the 60s) and get on one of those ER tube railway trains that took us from one terminal to the next and then finally a Catch The Train style sprint into the plane and right down to the back where as luck would have it was exactly where we were sitting on the exact same flight coming over. All American Airlines. I knew this from the dent my head made against the back of the seat in front of me, when I tried to catch some zzzs. So then it was just 4 and half hours into LA and we had turblance for 15 mins which aged us all considerablly. Aoise slept through it. Aunty Attie was waiting for us and drove us a half hour to St. Cyprian's COnvent in Long Beach. A beautiful bungalow attached to the school. Her pal Alice had tea and sandwiches for us and cake and icecream and fruit....
We have a mustang convertible rented for the week and on Sunday went to Mass in the church where Deirdre and Oliver are getting married on Tuesday. It was wonderful -- baby grand piano and a priest that was to quote someone here "too young, too tall, too dark and too handsome" and Hawian! And he will be in Dublin in September. Don't think he should come to Dundalk - he would be besiged.
Then we went to Huntington Beach which is also a beach for pets. So we swam in the Pacific Ocean with canine characters and had a ball. Heaven! Attie took us to her friend's house and they have a pool - like - in their garden - bethehookey!! Could not see Aoise for the water and Ed thought he was on a movie set. Then yesterday we went to Universal Studios and met the Simpsons and I saw George Clooney! YES possums! He was on a poster! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!! Hollywood is really not what I imagined. It even, and this is going to sound like Mammy, it even reminds me of DUndalk and the Cooley area. I know I know!! Except the sun sets in the west here and there are skyscrapers, but the Hills are lovely and you can even imagine you see Forkhill! (I think I have had too much sun!!!) (Sorry - can never have TOOO MUCH SUN). The kids loved Universal and on the way home up the freeway with the top down, we listened to It HAd To Be You playing on the radio as the LA skyscrapers stood to our right and we sped towards the setting sun. You cannot have LA without a musical backdrop...It needs melody.
So trying with all my might to upload the pics and the videos. Thanks for being patient, but my computer is sleeping and I am working on Attie's.
Love to all xxx The Finegans

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New Place


all seasons in one day 22 °C

Right - new place. Welcome to the bigger blog, where we can download all the photos you need to see to keep up with the travelling Finegans. Sorry about the change-over, but settle yourselves here. Talk soon!

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