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Last legs

Bo hooo

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OK mso we are getting near the last legs, or legless legs of our journey and I have been bold, not writing as we went along, but really, I haven't had time to do much except put the pics into the blog, as I know you all want to see the children and the scenery. But really the expereince has been so overwhelming that we really do not know how we are going to settle back onto Irish soil. Well Eddie is ready, but I am not. How wonderful is travelling? To think I was just a couch potatoe, (potato) in Dundalk and now would you look at me, all High School Musical (lol!). We are heading to Manhattan on Saturday and that's the 5th and our wedding anniversary, wehn we will be 13 year's married. (WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!). There have been sooSOOOOOsooo! many stories happening along our journey in the US that of course, I will be writing them down when I get a more cohesive brain in place. If you only ever do one thing in your life - get up - get out - and see that place you always wanted to see. You will never regret it.
We have met so many wonderful people along the way - many of whom (and I am not a Holy Roller) who I believe were guardian angels of some sort. One incident when we were packing up the car outside the hotel in Louisville and we were thinking - it's early morning and we are cranky and the kids are bored and we are facing stress on the road. And this lady came over to us, just out of the blue and said: "Make the most of this special time, it goes so fast". She explained further that she and her husband did exactly the same thing with their children years ago, and yes, she could see we were struggling abit with enthusiasm. (Hey, being peppy is not my thing!). But she just looked at us and said: "enjoy it!" It was what we needed to hear at that moment in time. We almost wept at her feet. "Maybe I was meant to be here in this place this morning", she said, smiling saying her goodbyes and away into the hotel. Little things like that made this experience unbelievable, and I've learnt that your childhood is always with you, you are born into your time, as you are, and you more or less stay that way throughout, except for the growing up, education etc. bit. What I discovered was that I am a product of the '60s, whatever that means. That I am at heart a free spirit - and a hippy at some minor level (WHat??!). Anyway, I have recorded the daily events as they have unfolded from my now battered diary. Some of the tales have been horrific, and two in particular I will never want to relive again. But I learnt that you have to show love, to get love and that nothing else can take it's place.

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Hunka Hunka!

Chapel Vegas

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We reneweed our vows last night in the Graceland Chapel in Vegas as Elvis sang Love Me Tender and a Hunka Hunka...Edward helped him sing Hound Dog! We then got into the limo to go down the strip at night and stood under th Vegas sign and felt like I was in the second part of my fialm! Hot here - plan is to go to Grand Canyon today....xxxxB and family
Aoise and myself love our pancakes for brekkie...too much free fuffet fooooodddd.

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Gowdthe heat it's like walking into the hot press at home ad living in it. Brain is turnedtomush. Ollie and Deetiedth knot in awonderful ceremony in St. CYpprin's Long Bach and then onto Parket\r Lghthouse foramazing meal, with backdrop of the Queen Mary and pelicans surfiing along sidehe jets. Felt we were in a fialm! Vegas is crazy - what is it about???? Money and old people? What is ging on -Freemont Street digitaland audio concernt experience was brilliant - Queen and McClean. Going to reneew the oul voewls later with Elvis. JoshuaTrees all along the freeway on the way in after 4 hour drive. And sotoopped in PeggySUes dier for yum yum food. xxxxBBBB

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From Yosemite To LA

Return to sender

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Back onto te blog in auntie Attie's home in Long Beach, LA. We journeyed 7 hours from the breathtaking Yosemit Village in northern CA down through the highways, byways and freeways of California. And guess what - no George Clooney in siht - What Are The Chances. The way of life in the valley was very very easy going, and I must have seemed like a demented Oirish lepruchian (the way they say it!) as I hammer on about timetables for the valley tour and the internet not working and all the rest of it. But when I calmed down, and let the place take over I found I slowly fell in love with it. Yesterday we went swimming in the Devil's Elbow - that's a river lodged between the huge 3,000 feet domes of granite. And it was freezing in the water, but I swam as far as possible. Eddie dived in off the rocks of course and Aoise was in her element in the water, and Ed did try, but it was cold. There was a small lagoon nearby and we sunbathed under the blue sky, watching a far away jet make a perfect parallel trail over the sky, and let the small sands breeze up and about our feet. I have never seen any beauty like it, with tal red woods and meadows teaming the red monarch butterflies and dragon flies. We even got to feed the squirrels.
Now we are Californicated into a US way of life and everything is operating on a slow pace. I have mountains of pics but cannot download as it would cost a mint. But will see how we get on toward the middle of the journey. I am interviewing very interesting people along the way, from an 80 year old nun who worked with the gangs in LA to a waitress in Gorman who strives everyday to be the best she can, and who told us how she had lost her mum and dad.
Happier thoughts- tomorrow Eddie's brothere - Oliver and his fiancee Deirdre, are tieing the knot in St. Cyprian's Convent, just a stone's throw away. Later it's off to the Parker Lighthouse for the reception, and who knows, maybe a dip or two into the beach?!
Hope you are all well? Miss everyone (kinda!)

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Yosemite n critters


Hi yall,
i have lost the will to live1 in yosemite - beautiful - but cannot get into the internet.

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