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Manahatta baby!

Thank you for your patience....

all seasons in one day 1 °C

Hi Bloggees,

The gremlins have upped and gawn and I am back into my blog life. Here are some more pics. Now that I am in a frenzy of technological activity at home, I plan to put some more pics onto the blog - the ones I didn't get time to upload. And this is a special request for Linda Martin who is in a brace as we speak. (And for all who know me).
And Maria, if you are looking at this from Cape Cod, then remember I am jealous. Talk later.


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Yeah - seems like I'm here


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Patience is great - thanks for yours- photos on way. Got the oil central heating in today - I have landed back into the land of Recession with a bump. Is anyone else thinking - why all the talking and no action? Manna hatta on the weay very shortly.

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Where am I REALLY?

You say Euro - I say Dollars.

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Still confused - what is new say you all! Yes, bewildered. Spent the past week getting Aoise and Ed ready for school - or setting out for school only to find Luckyh the Border Collie of ours was slinking alongside us when we'd get to the Fire Station (half way to school) and then we'd have to frogmarch him (on two hind legs me holding his collar) all the way back home. He has turned in to one of those escapologists - a skill that could be usefull if only we could harness it. Anyway, now in Dad's computer and staving off putting the pics of Manhatta onto the blog - have tried, but be the holie the Irish gremlins are plowerful people and could strike me down with a shelleliagh if I menader too much in the negative. (James Joyce eat yer heart out - don't actually cos you can't). Right - while ye are all very patiently waiting, and please do come back to the blog, cos I will have pics of nice cops and NY NY scenery and also of Dundalk (school) - here is a joke. Told to me by a nice mechanic man in Newport, Rhode Island.

Two blondes sitting out on the porch one night, sipping a coupla glasses of wine. A full moon. One turns to the other and says - Which do you think is nearer - the moon or Florida? The other one turns to her and says - the moon! How's that - says the other one. Her mate says - well, DOH! have you ever seen Florida.

(Put a little US twang on it for added affect).
Really have a nice day - I am trying to avoid the Irish predicament about hearing everyone's medical history when you only have met them half an hour. What is that!? Very funny - also WHY do Irish people (just some) act all crazy? Why can't they process data efficiently? Why? Why do we go around the corners?

Have examples for next time --- Up Kerry!

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Manna Hatta

Many many hills to climb!

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Dear Bloggees,

I am writing this to you today from the comfort of the internet cafe in Dundalk, Dun Dealgan, IRELAND. At least that is where I think I am. We came home on Sept 9, Daddy having pointed out later on that if we had turned our departure date upside down we would have had the numbers 6-6-6 (i.e. that of THE BEAST) and wasn't it good we did not realise this in JFK departure lounge, (or rather, the little piece of seat that we managed to cling on to for over one hour, perching precariously as we munched through another life-less take-away). (How we still managed to be the last ones onto the plane was anyone's guess - did you ever see an Aer Lingus hostess - the chief one - like the chief bridesmaid at a wedding - give you her best stare - you haven't lived!! I think they must train for that.) Anyway, rambling on, as my head and heart are still in the US of Aghhhhhh. I have discovered I am in love with Sedona and Memphis (hunka, hunka). What ARe The Chances.
Will be uploading the photos of Manna hatta - for those of youse who are ignarant of such things - this is the name the native Americans gave to Manhattan when they first clept eyes on it. It means - place of many hills. Think this should be re-named to Manna barsa, or manna manola blankas (which rhymes with una paloma blanka!) See I am rambling - wake every morning having to focus on where Dundalk is on the map of Europe in my head. Then realise where I am as I walk around the house. Eddie is back at work, and Ed started his first day at school, and Aoise is almost a teenager! I am swanning around the town not knowing what to do with myself, and today took it upon myself to purchase some cushions (cos you never can have enough), and a couple of tee-towels (same thing with these). So - by the way, my internet company are charging me a fortune for opening the e-mail in the US for five minutes. I am ignoring them, and have 6 new voice messages that I will not answer. I will have to do something about that, but for now having the craic in the internet cafe in Clanbrassil Street, as my new cushions lie at my feet. Will write more when coherent.
Have a nice day - and I really mean that. Brenda

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What was it again?

A leafterfremilch?

sunny 50 °C

Spent a girls day - just Moira and myself in the beautiful winery at Shakonnet. OMG, many goes as possible with the wine, - and all served from Danny Sullivan, who has Irish relations in Kenmare. WATCs!!!! So we had our lunch out under the maple trees in the warm, sunny blue-skied lawn. Beofre that we discovered a wonderful stretch of beach at the end of the island, with the Athlantic gently roaring in from the west the white sand banked due tracing up the middle and the inlet, compete with picture-postcard lighthouse, huge white seagulls and aran island type grassed islands to the noth east. People sunbathing on the little decked yachts. OMG! Never seen anything more beautiful in my life. (Of course, no pics - no camera with me - Eddie had taken it to a Fort with Rob, and the children for the day. Peace - until they arrived down to us at the beach here. Agh well, I had to go in for a swim with Mehler and Aoise, and I took Edward surfing on his boogie board. Sadness all around that we are leaving tomorrow morning for Manhattan.

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